Canvas & Paper Printing

Ready to get started?

If you have your own digital files then you are ready to print. Please see the file submission requirements below. Still have questions?

Digital file submission requirements:

  • Submit files via email, flash drive, or digital upload to our website.
  • File Requirements: 100 – 300 dpi at desired image size.
  • File formats accepted: .tif, .jpg, .psd, or .pdf. Preferred color space is RGB.

Supplied digital files are printed “as is”. We cannot guarantee 100% color accuracy on prints made from your supplied digital files. Due to variations in computer monitors, paper types, ink sets, and equipment, some color variations will occur. To verify color accuracy, 8×10 proof prints are recommended. ($12.00 + shipping, if necessary).

Prices provided are examples based on some of the most standard sizes. For an accurate quote for non standard sizes contact us. Volume pricing discounts start at 5 or more prints same size, same image.

Canvas & Paper Pricing:

    SizeCanvas - no stretchingCanvas - with 5/8” depth stretcher frameCanvas - with 1.4” depth gallery frameCanvas - with 2” depth gallery frame
    8 x 10$19.43$36.50$47.50$53.50
    11 x 14$25.00$43.50$49.50$59.50
    12 x 12$25.00$43.50$49.50$55.00
    12 x 18$36.22$47.50$49.75$66.25
    15 x 30$63.68$82.00$96.70$109.00
    16 x 20$45.68$64.50$75.40$92.00
    18 x 24$61.42$78.00$92.25$105.50
    18 x 36$88.00$110.00$122.85$131.00
    20 x 20$56.70$77.50$89.00$101.75
    20 x 24$68.25$86.00$104.00$117.00
    20 x 30$71.14$100.00$115.50$132.25
    22 x 28$74.00$106.00$119.00$133.50
    24 x 24$77.70$109.50$119.00$135.50
    24 x 30$90.30$128.50$140.00$158.50
    24 x 36$108.15$142.00$155.00$178.00
    24 x 48$145.00$198.00$198.00$216.00
    30 x 30$113.40$169.50$172.00$195.00
    30 x 40$160.00$201.50$221.00$237.00
    30 x 60$226.80$271.50$277.00$289.00
    36 x 36$190.00$210.00$230.00$250.00
    36 x 48$217.35$296.00$298.00$310.00
    40 x 40$201.60$266.20$279.00$290.00
    40 x 50$252.00$320.00$330.50$345.00
    40 x 60$302.00$351.50$374.00$375.00
    48 x 48$290.32$382.00$380.00$425.00
    48 x 72$435.75$586.25$625.00$640.00
    54 x 72$490.35$685.50$710.00$735.00
    SizeWatercolor paper smooth or textured finishPhoto paper satin or matte finish

    Paper versus Canvas – Which One is Right for Your Project?

    Here at Renaissance Imaging we take pride in being able to understand your wants and over-delivering on your expectations. Whether your original work is fine art or film negatives, we have a variety of products and services that are sure to meet your reproduction needs.

    Paper Options for Prints

    • Photo papers – We offer satin and matte finish options. Satin is by far our best seller in our photo papers. It has a luster finish and it prints the largest color range. Our matte paper is a high-contrast sheet that is excellent for dramatic black and white prints and graphic colorful prints.
    • Fine art prints – We offer both textured and smooth finish watercolor paper. Both Sheets are acid free with a neutral ph and have a natural warm tone and print beautiful photos and artwork.
    • Canvas – We print on a 20 mil thick poly cotton blend canvas that once printed we topcoat with a satin varnish to protect and preserve the the print. After printing we can mount your canvas 3 ways:
      • Mounted to a 5/8” deep stretcher frame. Best for mounting into a picture frame.
      • Mounted to a 1-3/8” deep frame (often called a gallery frame) our most popular. We can finish the edge 3 ways and it is ready to hang on the wall.
      • Mounted to a 2” deep frame – similar to our 1-1/2, but a much heavier frame and adds a little extra drama once hung on the wall.

    Canvas edge finishing

    We can print the edges of our gallery wrapped canvases 3 ways

    • Color wrap – black, grey & white are the most popular in this style
    • Mirror wrap– Our most popular way to finish the edges on our canvases. We clone outside edges of your image and print that on the edge of the canvas. This way it does not cut off any of the image on the face of the canvas.
    • Image wrap – We print your image oversize and let the image itself wraparound on the side. Good choice for photos where the focus of the photo is in the center.